FMF:: Why?

Thanks for joining me, here, in my corner of the world.

Five Minute Fridays: We write for five minutes flat, we free fall, we lean in to one word, to encourage and empower each other.


I was a self professed muller.

After spending years and years of questioning God about so many things, why this and why that, God. I lacked understanding. Why would such a loving, kind, and generous Father allow _______________________.

I realized that my whys were focused in the wrong direction. You see, many of my questions were centered around painful events, in my life, in the lives of others, and in the world.

But it was in this place where I felt the nudging from the Holy Spirit that shifted my why to what.

So, instead of churning in my questions, I began to lean in, deeper, to what God was producing. He doesn’t create the horror, the violence, or the traumatic events, but He does allow them to happen to produce something greater, something beautiful.

His ways are higher than ours…

All things come through His permissive will. When I rest in this truth, I find comfort, especially in the hard places, and where there is no understanding.

When I moved from why to what, my flawed understanding was quelled.

We know that all things work together for our good, right….

Beauty would blossom from the ashes, because pain produces His greater purpose.

Five Minute Friday




  1. Great post! My thoughts for FMF were along the same lines. It is easy to get caught up in asking why, but often a more productive question is what God wants to do in the situation and our part in that. Visiting from #13.

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  2. Yes it is when we maintain the God’s Perspectives of “what” other than the world perspectives of “why”, we, I are able to connect to the abundance of God’s love for Us and share in His manifested Glory for all creation.

    Thank you Joan!

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    1. I am currently working on the From Whys to What’s Workshop. In the process I realized that I did respond to your comment. Indeed, revelation comes from the Holy Spirit, and then shifting takes place. Thanks for stopping by, Carol.


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