Get FIT4LYFE Webinars 2018



Food For The Soul with Joan Taylor 


Get Fit4Lyfe

Surrender. Weight Loss. Wellness. Fitness





Get FIT4LYFE Webinar Series

Surrender. Weight Loss. Wellness. Fitness. Various speakers from all professions come together to talk about ways to improve your life and be the best version of you. Join us!



  1. Thank you to everyone that liked and reblogged this post. Please be advised that the dates listed have changed, and the new flyer and dates will be posted. But for now, here are the new dates/times: March 17, 2018 1pm – 2pm est. March 24, 2018 1pm – 2pm est. April 14, 2018 2pm – 3pm est. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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