Social media is an amazing tool, but it can also be very destructive if… If we utilize it as the benchmark of our self image. If we allow it to be the hallmark of our validation. If we choose to use it as a sign post of our self worth, when the number likes and […]


Although today is Wednesday, every Friday I join an amazing group of word artisans from around the world. We gather together and write for five minutes flat, without editing, prompted by one Word. fiveminutefriday.com Today’s Word: SPRING Spring emerges from the restful seemingly dormant season of winter. And just like our sweaters, blankets and jackets, […]


It’s that wonderful day of the week when I join other word artisans from around the globe to write for five minutes flat. Fiveminutefriday.com Today’s Word is COMMIT I Commit to take better care of myself. Self-care is so much more than a spa day once a month, a night out with good friends, or […]


Taking an honest look within, delving deep into the recesses of your heart… What are you Afraid of? Are you Afraid of asking God for big and great things, the things that seem to be  impenetrable to change and impossible to solve? I remember a time when my prayers were minimal, because my heart had […]