SETTLE: From Friday to Sunday

SETTLE: From Friday to Sunday From the Surrender to the Resurrection

It’s Five Minute Friday: We write unscripted and unedited, for five minutes flat.

FMF: Settle

From Friday to Sunday…

From the Surrender to the Resurrection…

From the Cross to the Crown…

From the Grave to Glory…

Judas was the catalyst to the cross, and Jesus was the Cornerstone to our Salvation. From an act of betrayal came the greatest demonstration of unconditional love and redemption for mankind.

Imagine those that witnessed Friday… Jesus death was bloody and brutal. Darkness fell upon the land. The earth shook, the rocks split open, fear was evident, hopelessness hovered, and doom and gloom set in.

The stench of death and the grave loomed.

But Jesus did not settle on Friday, His death and the grave. He knew the Glory of Sunday was coming, Resurrection and Redemption.

He did not settle for less than the fulfillment of the purpose that God called Him to complete. He finished His mission. He won the VICTORY!

Jesus endured the Cross so that He would adorn the Crown, for you and for me. He didn’t settle for the darkness of Friday, because the glory of the light of Sunday was on horizon.

Jesus’ Purpose Prevailed: Redemption, Restoration, Reconciliation, Salvation, Freedom, Forgiveness, ETERNITY.

God’s greatest works move from darkness to light, from the surrendering of His spirit to the Resurrection, His Redemption….

From every Friday, Sunday comes.

No matter where you’re today, no matter what you’re experiencing.

Don’t settle on Friday because Sunday is coming.

What hope do you have in your life, now, knowing that from every Friday, Sunday comes?



  1. This is beautiful, Joan! I’m so glad Jesus didn’t settle for less than all God was calling him to, and I love the hope that his resurrection brings! Hope you have a happy Easter!

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    1. I read your words and my heart was heavy, my eyes filled with tears. But then I felt the promise of joy and hope that comes on Sunday. I am so grateful that you stopped by and shared your heart. Blessings to you, Andrew.


  2. On the 3rd day, Early Early Early Sunday morning, my Father in Heaven rose with all power in his hands, I am so blessed to know he is mine and I’m his and it doesn’t matter what I did, he only see me for who I am. Just like the moon and sun have a job to do,,, so do we. With that said, rather we glad, mad, happy or sad morning is coming, BRAND NEW! Press the RESET button. Smooches

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